Upcycle the water color

At my work place I have a lot of stuff. Maybe too much stuff. Paints here and over there, magazines, printables, and so on. Like most of us, I believe. But also works which are 5 years old, or more.

Some of those are just ugly. I know there were periodes in my life when I just could not create the stuff I wanted. I was blocked. A lot of those works have been lost, others I kept. Not because they were beautiful (ha, ugly, remember?) but I just –LOVE– watercolors paintings. No matter what the theme was, how it looked like, what it was about… I could not throw away watercolors in which you can see those beautiful colors flowing like rivers, melting together like one. Hah. The only thing which was not stupid about some of those artworks, are the colors. Colors are never stupid.
On the right you can see one of those works. It is a watercolor painting, cut torn into pieces. Each piece was telling a sequel. 4 pieces female, 4 pieces male. I have no idea what I was thinking back then and why I torn the paper into pieces in first place, but I like the colors so much! But pieces of paper are not very useful.
So I made an art journal page with it.
The piece you see in the middle of the picture, I’ve pasted on a page with glue, gesso, acrylics and ink. I cut out another watercolor piece with words painted on it and put it below the first one. On the right page I wrote down a poem I’ve written last year. (2010) The poem is about a precognitive dream which happened in real life past summer (June 2011) And here it is (click to see big):
And a detail of the watercolor piece:
I believe I’ve found a amusing new technique… upcycling old artworks!