• A Travel Heart from Florida

    Some of you know that I’ve started a little project which I call Travel Hearts. Tiny little hearts which travel around the world by mail or by train. Right now the page about Travel hearts is offline but I promise I will put it back online soon! Anyways, some time ago, I’ve send a handmade card and a travel heart to Lenna, who lives in Florida. And guess what, Lenna have send me a card back! Here you can see the wonderful mail art she have created for me and… yes, it’s a travel heart too! How great is that! Thank you so much Lenna, it’s beautiful! (:

  • HeArt Exchange gift: the making of…

    Last time when I was talking about the HeArt Exchange, I showed you what my swap partner Jill created for me. Last week Jill received my gift, so I can finally show you what I have created for her!

    As Jill told on her blog, we live more then 5000 miles (8100 km) apart. She also noticed we have some things in common: our interests in nature, we love animals and we both like inspiring people who dare to live their lives. To me, I think the both of us also have a blog addiction, lol! We didn’t knew this when we started to create our gifts. Honestly I didn’t wish to see her blog as long my gift was not finished…I was curious if I would be able to create something Jill likes without knowing who she is or what she likes.

    So I took my mixed media tools and created this painting:

    Also there was one of my mail-art cards included. I didn’t take a picture of it (woops!), so I hope Jill doesn’t mind that I steal the picture from her blogpost:

    I have no idea why I created the painting this way. My mind was totally clear and I was not thinking at all! Not like: oh and this piece of paper should stick over there, and these colors I have to use and then I have to finish it like this… no! My mind was shut down and I was in deep relaxation.

    When she received the gift, I was so surprised: the painting totally matches her art studio! And of course, I was very glad to hear that she was happy with the gift.

    Thanks to this swap, I have learned that working with a clear mind can create better artwork then the I should – I must artworks. While the painting is not one of my travel hearts (a project I will blog about very soon!), it was a traveling heart anyways. Not only because I joined the Heart Exchange, not only because there is a Heart included, but also because I have created this gift with lots of energy straight from my heart and then.. I’ve let it go. Sending it over the ocean, to someone I have never met, hoping she will feel the energy of love, when she will need it the most.

    While, we have added each other at Twitter, Facebook, following each others blogs… thanks to the HeArt Exchange, I have met a great inspiring woman with whom I will keep contact. I am very happy about how the Exchange story continued and I’m very curious about the next one to come…

  • HeArt Exchange Gift received!

    Last week I received the gift from my swap partner Jill. Both of us joined the HeArt Exhange a couple of weeks ago and our homework was: Create something from your heart and send it to your swap-partner. My gift is still on it’s way so I can not share my artwork yet but… I can show you what she created for me! (Edit: woops, she received the gift more early then expected. I will blog about it later this week!)

    Inspired by Tibetan flags, Jill created cute little pockets with, on each of them, a nice quote: Be well, Be peaceful, Be safe, Be happy, Be free. Yes, a total of 5 little pockets! These words are, as she writes in the letter, inspired by the Buddhist Metta prayer:

    May I be peaceful.May I be happy.May I be safe.May I awaken to the light of my true nature.May I be free.

    But there is more!

    In the last two steps of the Metta Prayer, one would first imagine a specific person or a group, wishing these things for them, starting with “May you be peaceful.” And then in the final step of the practice, one wishes the same list of things for all beings.

    If you wish to know more about her inspiration for this gift, you can visit her blogpost. Jill finished the pockets with a piece of ribbon, so I can tie them up if I wish.  And I did! As she suggested, I’ve tied them up all together like the traditional prayer flags:

    Yes! Above my bed! I’m someone who works with her dreams every day. My dreams are my second life, a mix from fears and true desires, from thoughts and feelings, the seedlings of my creativity. I can not image there would be a better place for this gift then just above my bed, the place where I draw, read, talk with friends, meditate and create my dreams.

    And finally I also wish to share with you, the wish Jill shared with me. After these days of chaos in my mind, fear attacks and migraines, I’m finally at peace again. Her gift is just wonderful and totally resonates with the deeper feeling I am trying to keep..

    Your worries will disappear and you will be safe.
    Your wishes will come true and you will be happy.
    Your prayers will be answered and you will be well.
    Your promises will be kept and you will be peaceful.
    Your secrets will be kept and you will be free.
    Your dreams will come true and you will awaken to the light of your true nature.

    If you read this Jill: Thank you so much! You have created something which totally resonates, I can not believe how this is possible since we have never met each other but you did it anyway… my heart is full of gratitude.

    For my other readers: If you wish to know more about the HeArt Exchange and maybe join next time, you can visit the website! And also don’t forget to visit Jill’s Blog, I’m sure you will find inspiring posts over there too.