• Purple Shades {August Break}

    My skin has been marked with light-blue spirals
    Going inwards, outwards, starting, taking a hold
    I remember writing stories with a Celtic twist
    About ruins and beautiful gardens
    Adventure and being kissed
    (Well, almost that is)
    Then that split second of a pause
    before everything tumbles
    Down deep below the earth, following the movement
    Until it’s reborn.
    I have been able to share the {original} story with many people,
    still proud because it hit the 3rd place in a writing contest
    This month it’s 6 years ago I had this dream,
    So I felt the need to contribute a new piece of art for it,
    with a few words from the present me.


    I’m taking an August break for the whole month, trying to create photoetry (pictures + poetry) although English is not my main language. You’re free to correct grammar or give constructive comments. Image: Mixed media painting on canvas, inspired by a dream from 2007 and hypnagogia artwork from a few months ago.
  • [Art journal] Hypnagogia page

    Long it felt like silence
    Waiting for this one breath t
    Catch a never-ending tale
    The world seems lost without
    Our jokes, our peace with All
    Squares no longer wiggle
    between our fingers
    Candlelit’s been blown out by
    The wild waves of the sea 
    And yet we act towards our roots
    Wildlings who never give up
    Smiling to the world.

    This art journal page is inspired by hypnagogic images before falling asleep. 
    The words have been written the morning after.

  • [Art journal] Dream inspired Mandala

    Last week I was unplugged for 7 days. No Twitter, Facebook, e-mails, reading or writing blogs, not watching the news and so on. It was refreshing! I had lots of time to brainstorm, read, paint or just relax. The first day of being unplugged brought me lots of paint on my skin and journal. This is one of the pages I’ve created that day. This image appeared in a hypnagogic dream, a mandala with spiral movements. As usual I have no idea if it has some meaning, mostly art journal pages just appear and I copy them. Sometimes I combine the night vision with spontaneous ideas which pop up while creating. The background, which looks like the Universe to me, was not included in the hypnagogia but someway I thought it would fit with the mandala.

    Last Monday I decided to continue drawing/painting mandalas. I’ll try to create a mandala with inktense pencils for 7 days long and will share them here afterwards. This will give me the chance to learn how to work with inktense (they are new hehe) and also how to draw mandalas without a ruler or other instruments.

    Have you ever created mandala’s? I would love to see your work. πŸ™‚

  • [Art journal] Dream Aug 31

    I’m in a room with other people. We are sharing our dreams. Someone is telling a dream about a hand divided in different pieces. In my head I can see the hand, with the different pieces in rainbow colors.
    – Dream August 31.

    A couple of days ago I created this page when I wasn’t home. I was staying at my BF’s house and took my dreamwork journal with me. After having this dream, I painted it with water color and a waterbrush (my usual art travel kit) on top of an already-made background.

    Materials used: (Background:) Ghesso, ink. (Painting:) Water color.

  • [Art journal] Dream May 22

    Last week I started a new art journal. In this journal I will make pages inspired by dreams. This is the page of May 22, I dreamed about 2 mermen who escaped from red lasers.
    On the picture above you can’t see the multidimensional textures so here are some close-ups made from different perspectives so you have an idea how it actually looks like:

  • Art journal page: My Inner Monk

    This week, at the online Phoenix retreat I’m taking, we experience our inner monk with different exercises. I didn’t had time to do the daily exercises yet, but I did had time to make a journal page which represents my inner monk:

    Used materials: Watercolor crayons, gesso, a stamp & black ink, acrylics. 

    The first layer is the drawing made with crayons but it kinda failed, so I painted all over it with gesso and finished it with acrylics for the texture.

    On the bottom you can see a word: Sinexia. It’s a name which I remember from a dream I had 2 years ago… this dream repeated last week, though no names were included this time – it’s still about the same subject. While creating this art journal page, I suddenly knew that I have these dreams every single year at Spring… the first dream I can remember is when I was 15 years old. I didn’t record my dreams back then so it’s kinda special I can remember a dream from nearly 8 years ago without writing it down.
  • Hypnagogia Art journal page: Ansuz.

    Some days ago you could see a close-up of my art journal page in progress. The paint is now dry, so I wanted to share it with you.

    The page is based on hypnagogia: hallucinations and pre-dreams before falling asleep. I saw the image a couple of days ago and decided to paint it, with as much similarities as possible. In the vision, this work was created by a friend – it was impossible to create an identical work, so the mixed media and crack paint (which you unfortunately can’t see on the picture) is typical my style – not his (or at least, that’s what I think since he is not an art journaler).

    While putting the first layer on, a rune appeared. Ansuz, which I made more salient when I finished the work. I’m not sure if this message was meant for him or for me, but sometimes we are busy with the same stuff, so I guess we both can work with Ansuz’s energy.

  • Close-up at the Dream Dialogues E-course

    Dream 20th of December “Dirty Words
    I’ve finished the first week at the Dream Dialogues E-course! For me the introduction was a smooth start because I’m already a dreamer but it was a good reminder to start the evening with daily dream prompts and meditations. I just love the video’s with the many creative journaling prompts and enjoyed 2 live stream video’s with Petrea. I had a great time already.
    Tomorrow I’m leaving to Moscow, so I will follow the rest of the E-course over there. I think it will be interesting to combine both traveling and learning more about dream work at the same time.

  • Macro dreams

    Many years ago I had many dreams in which I was taking macro photographs. I decided to follow the dream and start photography. I was taking snapshots here and there but it was not enough for me. The lens I was using was not a good one to take real macro’s so…This week I bought a new one! A Nikon Micro 1:1.

    I am so happy with my new lens. β™₯

    This picture is taken yesterday, many years after having a dream about a flower macro picture with blue and pink tones.