A Travel Heart from Florida

Some of you know that I’ve started a little project which I call Travel Hearts. Tiny little hearts which travel around the world by mail or by train. Right now the page about Travel hearts is offline but I promise I will put it back online soon! Anyways, some time ago, I’ve send a handmade card and a travel heart to Lenna, who lives in Florida. And guess what, Lenna have send me a card back! Here you can see the wonderful mail art she have created for me and… yes, it’s a travel heart too! How great is that! Thank you so much Lenna, it’s beautiful! (:

One thought on “A Travel Heart from Florida

  • Lenna Young Andrews January 12, 2012 at 10:05 pm

    what fun. My mail art made it to Belgium! Thanks so much for sending me mail art & a travel heart in November and patiently waiting for me to return the favor 🙂

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