HeArt Exchange gift: the making of…

Last time when I was talking about the HeArt Exchange, I showed you what my swap partner Jill created for me. Last week Jill received my gift, so I can finally show you what I have created for her!

As Jill told on her blog, we live more then 5000 miles (8100 km) apart. She also noticed we have some things in common: our interests in nature, we love animals and we both like inspiring people who dare to live their lives. To me, I think the both of us also have a blog addiction, lol! We didn’t knew this when we started to create our gifts. Honestly I didn’t wish to see her blog as long my gift was not finished…I was curious if I would be able to create something Jill likes without knowing who she is or what she likes.

So I took my mixed media tools and created this painting:

Also there was one of my mail-art cards included. I didn’t take a picture of it (woops!), so I hope Jill doesn’t mind that I steal the picture from her blogpost:

I have no idea why I created the painting this way. My mind was totally clear and I was not thinking at all! Not like: oh and this piece of paper should stick over there, and these colors I have to use and then I have to finish it like this… no! My mind was shut down and I was in deep relaxation.

When she received the gift, I was so surprised: the painting totally matches her art studio! And of course, I was very glad to hear that she was happy with the gift.

Thanks to this swap, I have learned that working with a clear mind can create better artwork then the I should – I must artworks. While the painting is not one of my travel hearts (a project I will blog about very soon!), it was a traveling heart anyways. Not only because I joined the Heart Exchange, not only because there is a Heart included, but also because I have created this gift with lots of energy straight from my heart and then.. I’ve let it go. Sending it over the ocean, to someone I have never met, hoping she will feel the energy of love, when she will need it the most.

While, we have added each other at Twitter, Facebook, following each others blogs… thanks to the HeArt Exchange, I have met a great inspiring woman with whom I will keep contact. I am very happy about how the Exchange story continued and I’m very curious about the next one to come…

2 thoughts on “HeArt Exchange gift: the making of…

  • Dryalantha December 3, 2011 at 4:37 pm

    Thank you Jill, that's so sweet. 🙂

  • Jill December 3, 2011 at 3:35 pm

    The painting sits on my writing table and shimmers with the energy straight from your heart, such a gift.

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