Geode bowl with crystals

History of my ‘Lost cities’ series

When I was a child, I was really fascinated by history.

Actually, that’s not totally correct. History was fascinating to me until a certain point when technology, wars and science got the upper hand. Everything after was less interesting and so my scores in school dropped too. As the timeline came closer to our period, I lost most of my interest.

If I had to pick my favorite history ‘themes’, it would be mineralogy, paleontology and archeology. The real old stuff… thousands of years, at least. Everything after, was simply not ‘old enough’… I mean, if I could dig for an artifact, the 2000 years old bowl would be way more fascinating than the one which is only 100 years old. I’m not really interested in the 19th century foundations they have found in my town… but the artifacts they found from the Gallo-Roman period? Wow!!

My ancestors have always lived here. Which means, the history of this place, this country even, can be found in my blood. When I look at the interests (or spontaneous hobbies) I had as a child and even now, I’m sure I had/have Celtic blood.

As a child I would have exhibitions in my room about fossils and crystals, I would read encyclopedias about the origin of life. And yes, I even made bowls. The only piece remaining from that time is a bowl from 1999. I can not even remember where I made it, but at the bottom of the bowl I can see my name + date written in the handwriting I had back then. I was 10 years old.

Later I grew up with a lot of spirituality. I was only 12 when I went to a Samhain weekend in the forest. I gave a presentation about crystals, learned more about runes and was one of the few who was not afraid to go to sleep after scary ghost stories. While other teenagers talked about shopping and guys, I spend my time talking to a shaman woman, wiccans, traditional hedge witches. My mother was open-minded about my journey and simply let me do my thing.

Later in high school I decided to study fine art. I jumped in late, missing the previous years of art theory and basics. My art teachers and I were not best friends, actually it was quite the opposite. They failed me for sculpting. And failed me once for writing too.

Yet that same year I was invited to write for the local newspaper and I won the third price in a writing contest. That’s when I realized the grades are just their perspective. It was hard to graduate but I was determined to leave so I didn’t gave in. I stood my ground and graduated with my very first art journal and pastel macro drawings. When I graduated, they literally said “Her stubbornness saved her grades.”

But subconsciously, I never forgot those grades. I dabbled with my creative journey for years. Doing a bit of this, doing a bit of that. Some things were successful and got into pop-up galleries. Other things have never been seen by others at all. But I always enjoyed the journey.

Meanwhile, I was still interested in spirituality and self development. When you read a lot about these things, sooner or later you will find myths about lost cities like Atlantis. A friend gave me a healing once and she told me I had a past life in Atlantis. If it’s true or not, that doesn’t matter. I’ve seen fragments of Atlantis during hypnosis. And in a lucid dream I saw what was left of Atlantis on a different (astral?) level. Fantasy or not, when you are lucid and standing consciously in a place what once was known as Atlantis (or at least a representation of it)…it can touch a persons heart. I can talk about lucid dreams for hours but for now let’s say a lot of my work is inspired by (lucid) dreams and mind travels. These series are no exception.

For me it doesn’t matter of the stories are true. Did Atlantis ever exist? Who knows! But what I do know is that archeologists found ‘lost cities’ worldwide. Hidden under water or in the soil. My sculptures are a way to honor the history of real lost cities but also in honor of my own ancestors. The crystals in my sculptures make the pieces high vibe, honoring the myths of fantasy cities.

My sculptures are based on the thought the myths are true. If they are, this is how their artifacts would have looked, in my humble opinion. I basically try to tune in. My work looks raw, organic, aged. With crystals, sparkles, a golden shimmer. Every piece has something magical and it’s for the new owner to find out what magic the piece will bring.


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