Lindsay Vanhove is a multipassionate Belgian artist, photographer and goldsmith in training. She started her creative journey in her teenager years by experimenting with watercolor, painting on the walls and capturing her nightly dreams.

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her story

Her style was dreamy and poetic but due to a lack of schooling, her words and photography were a better medium to express herself. The years after she signed up for fine art painting in the local art academy and started art journaling, combined with many online courses to improve her skills.

Her art journey came with ups and downs, sometimes with a creative block of months, in worst case years. Photography was her favorite medium at times she felt frustrated with the traditional arts. Through macro photography she discovered a whole new world, just below our feet. A world which is not observed by many in daily life. From early on her love for nature and macro photographs have influenced her work over the years.

After working with oil painting for a couple of years in the local academy she went back to acrylics for a year and then said goodbye to painting all together to focus on a new medium: clay. She signed up for goldsmith class and ceramics, spending 12 hours a week in classes to learn new skills and at the same time working on a personal project called ‘The Lost Cities’, which became her most popular work to date. The Lost Cities project grew faster than she expected, resulting in 6 series (+150 sculptures) within a year spread worldwide to clients and collectors in USA, Canada, Australia and Europe.

After her first months of ceramic lessons she decided to expand the Lost Cities series to a ceramic version with sculptures which are alive and ready for a macro journey of their own.

some facts


Her biggest goal in life is to build a homestead and expand her family of rescued animals where creative friends can come by to enjoy animal friendly art retreats.


After experiencing her own journey of self-healing, she became a true believer of the Law of Attraction and became obsessed with manifestation, synchronicities and self-development.


As an empath and highly sensitive introvert she loves spending most of her time in nature or in the country side, where the silence and calmness allows her to recharge. 


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