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Here you can find some of my favorite work over the years. A lot of these works are sold but you might find a few available in the webshop.

The project was born in 2017 when I came back from my favorite hiking place. Inspired by the forest and the ruins I visited in both waking life and lucid dreams, I tried to recreate sculptures in a ‘petrified’ way, as if they are a thousand years old.

The material:
Some pieces are built with armatures, others have an air dry clay base. They have paper clay layers with mixed media, which means some have paint, color pigment or a glow in the dark finish made with my own glow medium. Every piece is finished with a layer of varnish, to protect the piece. Fragile stones have a layer of varnish too, to prevent damage.Because of the mixed media layers these pieces can’t be used as kitchen ware. They are artistic objects and should not be used for edibles or water. The glow sculptures can be charged with daylight or strong artificial light. A couple of minutes is enough to let a sculpture glow all night in a fully dark room.

The project has the following series:

  • Atlantis: sculptures with a lot of white and grey tones, sometimes finished with a copper or golden shine.
  • Lemuria: blue sculptures with mosaic-like sparkles which change color depending depending on what light source is shining on it.
  • Paititi: Brown prussian blue sculptures finished with gold and/or copper leaf.
  • Avalon: Mossy sculptures which give a blue glowby night.
  • Canae: Red pinkish sculptures which has a blue glow by night with tiny yellow/pink spots here and there. This series is similar to Avalon, with the exception they have a different color by day.
  • Akasha: This series contain all the unique pieces with a technique which is used only once. These are pieces which look different than all the other series and only one will be made